An old English gentleman, a handsome young Frenchman, an old lady and a beautiful young blonde are traveling in the same compartment of a train. The train passes through a tunnel and the compartment is thrown into complete dark. A sound of kiss followed by a loud slap are heard.

The old lady thinks to herself: “I am sure the young Frenchman tried to kiss the blonde and she must have slapped him.”

The blonde thinks to herself: “Looks like the Frenchman wanted to kiss me. But accidentally kissed the old lady and she must have slapped him.

The Frenchman thinks to himself: “Looks like the old Englishman kissed the young lady and she mistakenly slapped me.”

And the Englishman thinks to himself: “That was fun. I kissed my own hand and slapped the smug Frenchman. Can’t wait for the next tunnel to repeat this.”