Jack and Suzie, both in their seventies, are driving to the beach when they decide to stop at a nice restaurant for a bite to eat. After finishing their meal, they get back into their car and continue on their journey. But 15 minutes after leaving, Suzie suddenly says, “Jack, you’ve got to turn around and go back to the restaurant. I left my glasses on the table.”

“I don’t believe it,”Jack shouts angrily at her, “you silly old woman! You’ll forget your head one day.”

Jack turns the car around and starts driving. All the way there, he’s grumpy and makes many snide comments like, “Your memory is getting really bad,” and “Because of you, we won’t make it to the mountain in time to see the sunset.” The more he rebukes Suzie, the more agitated he becomes and he doesn’t let up for the entire drive back to the restaurant.

To Suzie’s relief, they finally arrive back at the restaurant. As she gets out of the car and hurries inside to retrieve her glasses, Jack yells to her, “And while you’re in there, Suzie, you might as well get my hat. I left it in the cloakroom.”