Little boy asks his dad for a new bike.
His dad says, ‘Gee son. I’m sorry but we have a $40,000 a year mortgage and your mom just lost her job so I really can’t get you one right now.”
Boy says, ‘OK pops. I understand.” and goes off to his room.
The next morning his dad is in the kitchen making coffee and getting ready for work when the boy comes downstairs with his suitcase.
“Alright Pops. I’m out of here. You guys have a good life.” He says as he walks to the back door.
” Wait. Hold up. What’s going on? Where are you going?” His father inquires.
“Well pops,” begins the boy,” Last night I had to pee and as I walked by yours and moms room I heard you say ‘That’s it! I’m pulling out!’ then I heard mom say ‘Hold on! I’m coming too!’.
He shakes his head and looks at his dad, ” And I ain’t staying here all alone with a $40,000 mortgage and no damn bike!”