Lucy was having a lovely time shopping. In the first shop she visited, she found some perfect shoes and, in the second, a beautiful dress.

Her mobile rang. It was a female doctor telling her that her husband was in intensive care following a car accident. “Tell him where I am and that I’ll be with him as soon as possible,” said Lucy.

She turned to head for her car, but another bargain caught her eye. Before she knew it, she’d spend the rest of the afternoon in the shops.

When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor shouted, “You finished your shopping trip, didn’t you? Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because it may be your last. Your husband’s condition deteriorated while he waited for you and he’ll now require your 24-hour care for the rest of his life.”

Wracked by guilt, Lucy broke down in tears.

The lady doctor chuckled and said,”Only joking – he’s dead. Now, let’s see what you bought!”

Next joke?