A man enters a bird-catcher to buy a parrot.
The salesman tells him that he currently has three but that they are expensive.
“Show them to me anyway,” said the customer.
– Good. He speaks French, English and knows how to count up to one hundred. It costs 3000 dollars.
“I don’t need such a learned parrot,” replies the client.

The merchant then presents him with the second parrot:
– He speaks French, English, German and Russian. He has an extensive singing repertoire and is good at mental arithmetic. I sell it for 5000 dollars.
– It doesn’t interest me any more, replies the buyer, what about the last one? How much is it?
– I am selling it for 20,000 dollars.
“But what can he do to be so expensive?”
– I don’t know what he can do, but the other two call him “Boss”!