A major Hollywood star decided to do a charity dinner and invited hundreds of people to take part. To make it interesting, the host decided to make it a costume party with the theme of emotions. So that night, the first couple came to the front door, dressed in all blue. “You were supposed to dress up as an emotion” states the doorman. “We are dressed in all blue because we picked the sad emotion.” Thinking it over, the doorman decided that was good enough. The next couple comes up to the door dressed in all red clothing “Sorry, you needed to dress up in a costume tonight!”, to which the couple reply, “We are, our red clothes symbolize we are angry. Besides, you let the other couple before us in.” Again, the doorman agrees to let them in.

Then along comes a black guy, completely naked with the exception of a pear with the core cut out and his penis stuck into it. The doorman, wide eyed looks at him, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think you have been invited to this dinner.” To which the black man responds in a thick Jamaican accent, “Actually I was invited!”,”Well you were supposed to be dressed up in a costume that conveys a certain emotion.” The black guy says, “I am in a costume, I’m deep in despair!” (Deep in this pear)

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