A bloke knocks off and heads home. It’s a foul night, with rain bucketing down, lightning flashing and thunder crashing.

He sees a woman on the side of the road, bonnet up, peering into the engine bay of her car. He stops to see if he can help.

He soon realises the car’s electrics have been doused with water. Taking a can of WD40, he sprays everything. When he tries the ignition, the motor starts.

They are both drenched and the young woman says she lives not all that far away. “You should come to my place and dry off before you head home,” she says.

He follows her to a lovely suburban home and goes inside with her. As they enter the lounge, he sees a Steinway grand piano.

“Oh, I’m a keen pianist,” she explains. He replies that a he, too, is a pianist.

She directs him to an en suite. He takes off his wet clothes, passing them out past the door so she can put them through her clothes dryer.

He dons a dressing gown hanging on the back of the door and returns to the lounge.

The young woman comes back to the lounge. She looks totally ravishing clad in a sheer negligee and nothing else.

“Do you like to play,” she asks? He steps straight up to the piano and begins a performance of Rach 2.